Sen. Bernie Sanders Vows His Campaign to Press On in "an Uphill Climb" >
May 1, 2016--Speaking at the National Press Club before heading off to a rally in South Bend, IN, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) vowed to press on with his campaign, while conceding he faces an uphill climb [prepared remarks].

Sanders made a pitch for support from the unpledged superdelegates who overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton.  He pointed to states like Washington, Minnesota and Colorado, where he won by strong margins yet where all or almost all of the superdelegates are backing Clinton.  Appealing to fairness, he said he thinks he is "entitled to pick up many, many dozens of superdelegates."  Sanders also said that superdelegates who announced for Clinton before he even entered the race should take another look and they will see that he is the strongest candidate for the general election.  Currently Clinton has the support of an estimated 520 superdelegates to 39 for Sanders.

In response to a question about what he learned in the New York primary, Sanders stated "we would have done much better" had independents been allow to participate in the Democratic primary.  "Three million independents in New York were disenfranchised," Sanders said. "In states where independents cannot vote, we are at a disadvantage," he said.

Sanders reflected on his campaign, which he launched almost exactly a year ago.  He said he is proud of the effort, pointing to 17 primaries and caucuses he has won.  Earlier today his campaign announced it received $25.8 million in donations in April, bringing the total raised to $210 million.  However, following the April 26 contests, the campaign also announced it is laying off hundreds as he heads into the final contests.
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